Energy Star for Architects

Energy Star for Architects

Energy Star for Architects and Designers – A Tool to Set Them Apart from Competition

Architects and designers who are looking at setting themselves apart from their competitors may find a highly recognized logo added to their plans will do just that – using Energy Star as a Tool for Architects.

The EPA reports these staggering statistics on the use of the Energy Star Logo, proving that Energy Star for Architects can be utilized as a great marketing tool:

  • More than 80 percent of Americans now recognize the ENERGY STAR label.
  • 30 to 45 percent of households report purchasing an ENERGY STAR qualified product in a given year.
  • Importantly, almost 85 percent of purchasers would recommend ENERGY STAR to a friend.

Adding the Designed to Earn the Energy Star Logo to your plans shows a customer that they are building a home that was designed to save energy, which will save them money and be environmentally conscious.

How hard is adding the logo? Depending on how energy efficient your current Energy Star for Architectsdrawings are, achieving the design criteria for the logo may mean making little to no changes at all. Since all plans that receive the logo are reviewed and verified by a certified energy rater, it is best to consult with your rater in the early stages of the drawings to ensure that all criteria are met.

For full details on Energy Star for Architects, becoming an Energy Star Partner and adding the Designed to Earn the Energy Star Logo on your plans, visit the Energy Star website or contact Jennifer Waddick at Energywise for a free consultation.

Jennifer Waddick is the VP of Sustainability for EnergyWise, a Certified Energy Auditor and a LEED Accredited Professional that writes on issues surrounding sustainability, energy efficiency, and renewable energy.

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