City Improvement Ideas – 10 Green Ways To Improve Cities

10 Green Ways To Improve Cities

Great Ways To Improve Cities

Ways To Improve Cities, the city is probably the single greatest technological accomplishment of mankind. It contains nearly every other form of technology, all working together at an incredible pace, and growing together symbiotically.

The social and environmental technologies that underlie modern cities are proof that human beings can live and work together in sustainable

and ecologically sound ways. The very fact that cities support such widely divergent projects in such a small area demonstrates that ecological co-existence is possible and that people can live in harmony with nature and still enjoy the innovation and adventure which make us truly human.

The following graphic gathers together a wide array of facts and statistics about modern green cities. This is by no means an exhaustive look at the topic. It is meant to be a starting point from which to explore. Cities will be going green all through the 21st century. Let this graphic be your illustrated guide to the formative technologies of the future.

View the complete Green Cities infographic HERE!

Green Cities Infographic_10GreenWaysToImproveCities





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