Energy Efficiency Financing

Real Restaurants, Real Energy Savings

Whether your restaurant is a franchise or independent concept, EnergyWise will design a lighting plan that creates the right ambiance, while also reducing energy consumption and operating costs. We’ll secure utility and government incentives while also helping you to choose the right energy-savings products to slash your monthly expenditures.

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Energy Star Certification

Supermarkets Save Big with EnergyWise

With lighting and refrigeration as the main energy hogs, supermarket energy costs can easily become astronomical. EnergyWise will show you the most cost-effective ways to reduce these costs while securing lucrative rebates for your store.

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Utility Rebate Procurement

Luminous LED Lighting of Retail Centers & Malls

Gorgeous lighting design will attract customers to your retail location and encourage them to buy, while LED lighting will ensure significant savings month after month. A lighting plan that incorporates both beautiful design and LED technology will boost business and your bottom line.

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Office Buildings

LED Lighting Design Services

Energy-Saving Services for Office Buildings

Our LED technology and energy efficient systems will reduce energy and maintenance costs, increase employee wellbeing, and boost productivity in your office building.

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Energy Design Analysis

Energy Efficient Upgrades for Gas Stations & Convenience Stores

Update your gas station or convenience store with energy efficient lighting and technology, and secure rebates from your local utility company. EnergyWise will show you how.

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Energy Design Analysis

Upgrades and Savings for the Hospitality Industry

We help hotels, entertainment venues, and transportation companies reduce heating, cooling, and operating costs with our energy efficient products and services.

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Auto Dealerships

Energy Design Analysis

Energy Deals for Dealerships

Eliminate outages while also reducing the crippling costs of lighting from and energy and maintenance standpoint. EnergyWise will show you how to incorporate systems that will immediately increase overall profitability.

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Energy Design Analysis

Government Standards are met Enlisting Energywise

Energywise helps government facilities navigate growing regulatory and sustainability standards. Audit, design and procurement under one roof provides a one-stop-shop to government agencies and their facilities directors.

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