LED Lighting Design Services

LED Lighting Design Services

Lighting systems represent an important part of a building’s design, accounting for up to 40% of its’ energy consumption. Our LED Lighting Design Services value the need for aesthetically appealing solutions that deliver the right amount of light using the least amount of energy.

Energywise provides LED Lighting Design Services for all general lighting projects, whether they are commercial, industrial or residential, indoor or outdoor. We create sustainable and efficient solutions that incorporate both lighting and financial design criteria to balance our clients’ budgets, aesthetic design requirements, and performance specifications.

Our design professionals work collaboratively with our team of engineers, utilizing state-of-the-art tools and systems to consider variables such as intended use of the space, daylighting, dimming capacity, lamp color considerations, initial cost, maintenance costs, and all available utility and tax based incentive programs. Utilizing our experience, we carefully make critical analysis and observations as part of the design to prevent our clients from leaving potential utility bill savings on the table.

We typically work with the architect or general contractor, and also work for building and site owners directly. Our LED Lighting Design Services help us to provide vital answers to some of your most important questions, including:

  • How many light fixtures do you need to properly illuminate a particular room or site
  • When converting to LED lighting, what wattage, optics, and configurations do we need to improve upon current lighting expectations?
  • How will the resulting LED Lighting Design illumination of the room or site compare with the desired goals requirements?
  • How does the LED Lighting Design compare with the standard design utilizing conventional lighting, and what are my expected savings on electricity and maintenance?

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation. Our services are FREE to those clients purchasing our LED light bulbs and fixtures. We look forward to providing you with an integrated design concept that guarantees the success of your project.