Future Potential of Energy Efficiency

Future Potential of Energy Efficiency

When it comes to evaluating the future potential of energy efficiency, there are two solutions to consider: one solution is upgrading the power generation mix with cleaner energy sources; and, the second solution is to use energy more efficiently, reducing the need for expansions in generation capacity. These two approaches are not mutually exclusive, and can in fact achieve a great degree of synergy if implemented together.

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Energy Efficiency Costs Less

Energy Efficiency Costs Less

A recent study by ACEEE (American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy) shows that energy efficiency costs less; a cost lower than any other new electricity resource option. What does that mean? Well, frankly, we are trending toward a day when there will not be enough capacity to provide electricity to everyone, every minute of every day across the U.S. In some areas of the country, that day is fast approaching.

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5 Important Steps in Procuring Utility Rebates

I’m always amazed at how many new clients we bring on-board that are not only unaware of the important steps in procuring utility rebates, but are completely unaware that utility-based rebates are available for their energy efficiency projects. Many times, they have completed projects that include energy conservation measures (ECM’s) in-house or had their local electrician complete an installation without ever being aware that they were eligible for a rebate. Continue reading “5 Important Steps in Procuring Utility Rebates”

Energy Efficiency – What is It and What Are The Appropriate Measures Businesses Can Take?

As energy bills are set to increase over the next few years, there is energy saving measures that businesses can undertake, in order to save money and in turn, increase the ever important profit margins. Continue reading “Energy Efficiency – What is It and What Are The Appropriate Measures Businesses Can Take?”

Energy Saving Tips For Your Workplace

Ways to Save Energy in the Office

With the cost of energy increasing year to year, more people are trying to save energy and save money at home. This practice can be duplicated in the workplace, where millions of businesses are still using extreme amounts of energy and wasting a lot of money. Continue reading “Energy Saving Tips For Your Workplace”