EnergyWise LED Lighting a Whopper of Savings for New Tennessee Burger King

Ten-year operational cost savings projected to exceed $155,000

Client: Supreme Foods (a Franchisee of Burger King)
Project Name: Burger King Store #19097
Location: Clarksville, Tennessee
Building Details: Approximately 3,200 sq. ft. Quick Serve Restaurant Building
EnergyWise Products & Services:
  • EnergyWise Lighting Design Services
  • EnergyWise LED Interior Lighting
  • EnergyWise LED Exterior Lighting

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EnergyWise LED Lighting Savings Analysis

To combat the rising costs of electricity and minimize the headaches associated with frequent bulb and fixture replacements, Kevin Newell of Supreme Foods chose to implement energy efficient EnergyWise LED lighting in his newest Burger King Restaurant. The 10-year savings projections for the project are in excess of $155,000 on electric and maintenance costs.

EnergyWise LED Lighting - BK19097 Savings Chart
Burger King 19097 Savings Chart

“I wasn’t familiar with LED lighting until approached in late 2012 by Scott Van Kerkhove of EnergyWise. We were finishing the plans for this new Burger King, and after sitting down with my contractor, JR Construction, I couldn’t find a good reason to pass up the opportunity to try out the EnergyWise LED Lighting on this new store. The additional costs were a small fraction of my total project cost, and will be recouped within the first 12 months from electrical cost savings,” said Newell. “Because I was unfamiliar with the light created by the LEDs, I didn’t quite know what to expect . A week after my store opened, I was sitting inside the store and forgot that we had installed LED lighting…the light created by the bulbs and fixtures looked similar to my other stores, which was great.”

EnergyWise LED Lighting Makes Store 19097 #1

Burger King Store #19097 is the latest and most energy efficient of Supreme Foods’ stores, and one of the most energy efficient quick service restaurants in the U.S. While incorporating energy efficiency measures into the new Burger King helps Supreme Foods reach its’ financial savings goals, it also helps to further emphasize the vision for sustainability that became a priority in early 2013.

Energy Efficient EnergyWise LED Lighting Products Incorporated

Interior LED Lighting

  • Standard Fluorescent 2×4 Recessed Fixtures With 34W Fluorescent Tubes Retrofitted with 18W EnergyWise LED Tubes
  • Hanging Pendant Fixtures With 65W Incandescent Bulbs had 6W EnergyWise LED  Bulbs Installed

Exterior LED Lighting

  • Metal Halide 1000W Fixtures Were Replaced by 220W EnergyWise LED Area Lights
  • Metal Halide 150W Wall Pack Fixture was Replaced by a 35W EnergyWise LED Wall Pack

The EnergyWise LED lighting will achieve greater than 70% electric savings over the standard fixtures and bulbs that were originally specified in the plans.

After evaluating the electrical use of Burger King Store #19097 for nine months, it is performing according to expectations, and is the most energy efficient store in the portfolio of stores owned by Supreme Foods. As a barometer, it is only using 56% of the electricity compared with the least energy efficient store in the portfolio.

The interior and exterior of the store are well-lit, providing an inviting and secure environment for Burger Kings’ Clarksville, Tennessee patrons to visit and enjoy a Whopper and fries.

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