Future Potential of Energy Efficiency

Future Potential of Energy Efficiency

When it comes to evaluating the future potential of energy efficiency, there are two solutions to consider: one solution is upgrading the power generation mix with cleaner energy sources; and, the second solution is to use energy more efficiently, reducing the need for expansions in generation capacity. These two approaches are not mutually exclusive, and can in fact achieve a great degree of synergy if implemented together.

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Energy Efficiency – What is It and What Are The Appropriate Measures Businesses Can Take?

As energy bills are set to increase over the next few years, there is energy saving measures that businesses can undertake, in order to save money and in turn, increase the ever important profit margins. Continue reading “Energy Efficiency – What is It and What Are The Appropriate Measures Businesses Can Take?”

Commercial Energy Audit on FBI Building Pays Dividends

EnergyWise Uncovers Building Performance Issues at FBI Building, Saving Thousands on Electricity Each Month

Client: Larry Blumberg and Associates
Project Name: FBI Building
Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Building Details: 14,857 sq. ft. LEED Silver Certified Commercial Office Building
EnergyWise Products & Services:
  • Commercial Energy Audit
  • Energy Monitoring With Data Loggers
  • Commercial Energy Modeling

USGBC Logo SmallLarry Blumberg & Associates operates over 16 government office buildings, 68 hotels, and 2 restaurants across the U.S. This commercial building was built to the United States Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Silver Certification standards for the intended use by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Field Office in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Property Manager Larry Johnston of Blumberg & Associates describes the problem, “I contacted Energy Wise because our electric bills were double what they were projected to be based on the energy model incorporated by our original design and construction team and we believed an extensive commercial energy audit and energy monitoring were necessary.”


The building is managed and operational costs are paid by Larry Blumberg & Associates.  The building was LEED certified and had a full energy model performed for LEED credit by a 3rd party.

Building was modeled to consume 11,000 kWh/month (which is approximately 27% less than the average commercial building built in 2012). The actual energy consumption (during the three month period of May, June and July of 2012) averaged 50,240 kWh/month   EnergyWise was called upon to do a thorough commercial energy audit, help pinpoint the problem, and find a solution.

The property manager expected total monthly electrical bills to hover around $1,500 per month and was faced with bills exceeding $4,000 per month after opening the facility.

Commercial Energy Audit Results
  • Consumption data was taken from each electrical panel using data loggers in order to determine where the main draws of electricity were coming from.
  • After a 30 day period of data was collected, it was determined that two panels containing several single-room air conditioning units were drawing large amounts of electricity.
  • With the information collected by the EnergyWise team, the building’s management was able to contact the air conditioning contractor to further investigate the problem.

Mr. Johnston stated, “Jennifer and Scott at EnergyWise conducted their commercial energy audit and through the use of data loggers determined the high usage was coming from two electrical panels.  The two electrical panels only had HVAC units on them so based on the information provided by Energy Wise we were able to go back to the contractor that installed the systems and prove to them something was wrong.  After some adjustments to the systems, our energy usage was cut in half to the levels the energy modeling was projecting.  Thanks Jennifer and Scott!”

This proves the value of an extensive commercial energy audit and monitoring by trained and certified professional energy auditors like Jennifer Waddick at EnergyWise when electrical consumption is excessive. Many times problems can be uncovered, saving wasted energy and hundreds, or as it was in this case, thousands of dollars each month.

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