Utility Rebate Procurement

Incentive Procurement Services

EnergyWise can help lower the cost of your next energy efficiency projects by seeking out all available incentives and rebates. It is always essential to decrease the initial cost and accelerate pay back for capital improvement projects, and utility rebates and incentives are an effective way to do this.

Navigating the complicated field of incentives and rebates offered by your local utility company can be a daunting task, and in many cases, incentives go unclaimed because consumers are unaware of incentives, or because they don’t know how to manage the process properly.

EnergyWise can assist you with the administrative process of obtaining those incentives for energy conservation measures such as LED lighting, EC motors, HVAC equipment, and much more. There are typically both standard  (prescriptive) and custom incentives available, and we will help you to wade through the process and expedite the funding of your rebates.

In most cases, our Utility Rebate Procurement services are FREE OF CHARGE, especially when packaged with one of our product or service packages.

The Utility Rebate 10-Step Procurement Process

  1. Energywise professionals discuss the various utility incentives available for custom and prescriptive Energy Conservation Measures (ECM’s) that the Client is interested in installing.
  2. Client determines locations where ECM’s are preferred, with a priority being given to those located in electric utilities service territories that have incentives, and high electrical costs.
  3. Client provides EnergyWise with copies of their electrical and/or gas bills.
  4. EnergyWise completes an energy audit of the facility to collect data on the current energy usage and ECM opportunities.
  5. EnergyWise provides a customized proposal to the client with detailed, specific energy savings calculations created for each of the different ECM scenario.
  6. EnergyWise provides proposals to the client to gain their approval on the proposal/rebate applications, along with original signatures on the proposal/rebate applications, then submits those applications to the utility.
  7. EnergyWise works with the electric utility in order to expedite the approval process. This can include a significant investment of time spent on phone calls and explanation of calculations to utility engineers, as well as, answering questions they may have.
  8. EnergyWise gains approval on specific ECM’s, obtaining the amount of rebate, and informing the client of the total cost with rebate, and final simple payback and internal rate of return calculations.
  9. EnergyWise facilitates or supports the installation of the ECM’s.
  10. Once ECM’s are installed, EnergyWise submits completion documentation to the utility to assist in obtaining the rebate check from the utility.